Grouping Tool

Grouping Tool

The Discussion Project developed an online application to help instructors group their students for discussion. The Grouping Tool assists instructors in creating small groups for discussion. This tool is for Discussion Project participants only and requires a UW-Madison NetID.

In the Grouping Tool, homogeneous groups or heterogeneous groups may be created in three ways:
(1) Survey-Based Grouping, based on answers to survey questions you choose from a bank of questions to which you’ve asked your students to respond
(2) In-Class Grouping, based on students’ live responses to a question in class
(3) Randomizer, based on a class list you upload ahead of time and that you can edit, real-time, based on attendance.

Click here to access the Grouping Tool.

We also provide a Grouping Tool instruction sheet, accessible here.

For more information on The Grouping Tool, please contact us.